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About us

Hustle Hat Co. | Apparel For Hustlers

Hustle Hat Co was founded with a vision to keep all the hustlers out there motivated on their game.

So many people start working on their dreams, mission and vision, but only a few make it. Others don’t even know where to start. This is because every day, we have to wear so many different hats and we can loose track of what our true passion is. We have to be a mum, a dad, a friend, a brother, a boss, an employee, a driver, a lover…

Sometimes we need that clarity and motivation to help us focus in our passion and do what we love to make us truly happy.


At Hustle Hat Co, we want to share a message with EVERYONE to take action towards whatever it is that makes you happy and that gives you a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the world.

We also believe in having a balanced and healthy life, and to take the time to appreciate everything that we already have. Being grateful is also one of the keys to success.

When you put on your Hustle Hat you know it’s game time.

Wear it. Embody it. Hustle Mode ON – Make It Happen!




Hustle For The Homeless

HELP the youth to get back in their feet, so they too, can hustle for their dreams. 

In today’s society there is such a big disparity between the rich and the poor, those with lots and those with little. Some say it’s choice, some say it’s chance, we say it needs to change. 

At Hustle Hat Co we work hard, and we know that not everyone has the same opportunities we do. Not everyone gets the same life experience we get every day. Just sleeping in a warm bed is a luxury not everyone can afford. So we want to HELP and give back.

A portion of the profits from EVERY item sold at Hustle Hat Co is DONATED TO CHARITIES that help battle youth homelessness. It goes towards making a difference.

Get yourself decked out AND lets HELP the youth to get back on their feet, so they too, can hustle for their dreams .



Liliana Aguirre

“Lady Hustle” Liliana, is a passionate Mexican entrepreneur. She has been actively involved in helping develop awareness of the Latin American culture in first world countries like Australia, through her language school and her cultural events.

She has also collaborated with organisations in her hometown in Mexico, to help and educate disadvantaged people.

Liliana’s vision is to encourage everybody to find their passion and to reach their dreams and goals. “With gratitude, self belief and hustle, anything is possible!”.


Kim Barrett

Kim is a Hustler through and through – he also runs a successful marketing company based in Perth Australia, and is known for his hard work and dedication.

Travelling around the world every year, visiting multiple countries to inspire business owners to change the way business is done is rewarding, but it is also hard work. Kim loves showing them how to crack the code in business and inspiring them to chase their dreams.